Statistics Around This



of COPD patients develop lung cancer every year


lifetime risk of developing COPD

most common cause of death (COPD) in the US

projected cost of COPD in the US

The Problem

Adequate research studies are not available to leverage the linkage between these two diseases.

COPD patients have twice the regular risk of lung cancer development. Currently, there are no AI predictive models around this.

COPD is often stated as the driver of lung cancer.

Anti-cancer drugs may play a role in the future of COPD treatment.

The Strategy

BetterLungs early warning platform can help in intervening in a timely, life-saving way.

Augmenting decision making with AI.


Reports and imaging can be used to predict the risk of lung cancer in COPD patients prior to the pathogenesis of the disease.

Our solution is to collect patient records and other relevant data into a data lake.

Process patient information into machine learning algorithms to allow for detection of more nuanced patterns that may not be evident to human eye.

The effective and accurate AI model can be harnessed by clinicians to order early cancer screening for  COPD patients.